Eco paint solutions

So many reasons to use Eco Paint solutions

Selfishly our first reason for using eco paint is our health. If VOC’s can pose a health risk to the general public, then surely dealing with them every day is a silly thing to do. It’s not just the paints… when using solvent based paints, you need to use a solvent to clean brushes and equipment. We’ve seen people leaving the decorators suppliers with gallons of white spirit and other nasty cleaning products, not us, we clean with water!

Our preferred eco paints all have very low to no odour so its not just our health, our clients can enjoy their new decor from the start, without having to wait days for the smells to clear. We find that clients with children or any respiratory issues like the clean air aspect of Eco Paints.

The manufacturing process is, of course a lot less harmful to our environment when making water based coatings and we always try to use UK manufacturers to reduce the time our paint has to spend in transit.

Many new Eco Paints have amazing properties such as Air Purifying Paints and Insulating Paints, ask us if this interests you and we can fill you in with our geeky knowledge on the subject!

We even have a supplier of recycled paints, keeping those not quite finished paint tins out of our landfill sites!

Oh, and ever tightening regulations on the chemical content of paints (it’s about time!)